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Strict 'Dress To Impress' dress code applies.  Subtle designer attire is permitted at the discretion of the door. Strictly no bum-bags, caps, or beanies.


The venue reserves the right to cancel any booking at any time.  Depending on the circumstances the venue may or may provide a partial or full refund. All Patrons require a valid driver’s license or passport to be scanned upon entry. Full list of Guests' names must be submitted and approved by management prior to arrival. 


Booth bookings must arrive and pay the entire amount outstanding by no later than 12:00am. Kindly be advised that our Main Room will not be accessible until 10:00pm. However, our Rooftop / Terrace is open from 9:00pm. In the event that full payment has not been made by the aforementioned cut-off time, the venue reserves the right to deem the booking a ‘no-show’ in which case any deposit paid will be forfeited. Both cash and card are accepted, however split payments are not permitted. 

Booth Deposits are strictly non-refundable. Booths deposits must be paid within 24 hours of receiving the deposit link.  In-Venue Credit Notes will be issued to COVID-19 Cancellations. Strictly no refunds.


Booths are available from a specified time unless otherwise arranged upon booking. Booth Position is subject to availability. Venue reserves the right to move Booth Positions. Booth Packages cannot be altered unless approved by management. Number of frees is package dependant. 


The venue reserves the right to deny entry to any member regardless of whether they are part of a booth booking. This applies irrespective of whether or not such person’s name had been submitted to the venue and preliminary approved. Any Additional Guests' names that have not been approved by management may not be granted entry.

The venue reserves the right to eject any patron from the venue for whatever reason it deems appropriate. In the event that some or all members of a booth booking are ejected, it is the venue’s discretion whether or not any refund is provided. 

The venue reserves the right to resell booths / turn booths (meaning that the booking will terminate). Having unconsumed alcohol in a bottle / on the table does not prevent the venue from exercising this clause.  Patrons have a period of 3 weeks following original booking, to rebook a booth in order to access any banked bottles that were not finished.


Any remaining purchased alcohol will not be refunded, cannot be taken home by guests and is not stored by the venue for future events.

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